To redefine

Stan isn’t a name that my parents gave me, it is the identity i created myself. It gave me a new freedom, a new way of being who i wanted to be instead of what others wanted me to be. Stan helped me express my creativity, my fantasies, my obsessions, my passions and of course my sexuality. I don’t want to try to fit in anymore, because it doesn’t gives any feeling of belonging.


Now, through QURIOSE, i (Stan), wish to create a community where we can express our individuality, feel sexy and celebrate our wonderful bodies. Find that inner person, let it out, accept it, celebrate it. Create our own identities because we are all unique creations of nature.


Why Quriosé ?

I’m pretty sure you’d like to know why Quriosé ? Where does it comes from ? Like me, the name is also a mix of two languages, Curio from the english and + Osé from the french. Curio, as defined by dictionary, is a rare object, unusual or intriguing. The french word « Osé «  means boldness. Quriosé consists in creating unic pieces to adorn the male body and celebrate it.


We don’t want to be labelled as a fetish or erotic brand, everything is a matter of pleasure and fantasies. Express yourself as you want, when you want and where you want. Quriosé isn’t simply another brand, it is about accepting and respecting others and ourselves, and, i reiterate, not about inclusion but about belonging.



During centuries, humans loved experiment and improve the desirability of their body : wear jewelry , body-art etc… Even clothes had to increase sensuality and raise awareness on sexual parts, and not hide them.


Men wore objects and accessories to glorify their male attributes throughout history. We saw, in ancient Greece, that men wore cockrings, codpieces or even chains to reinforce their masculinity.


Human body is the object of my obsession ! It is a creation of nature, bodies of all shapes and sizes must be celebrated. To decorate them is, for me, a very spiritual act. That’s the idea behind Quriosé : create original accessories like harness, cockrings, jewelry and underwear so that men can express their sensuality and accentuate the beauty of their male body.


In order to achieve better than our predecessors, we want to propose the most beautiful designs at the fairest price, with a sustainable sourcing, prioritizing a local european one. A sincere desire to improve ourselves each day.


A brand based on a responsible production, where everything is produced as precisely as can be.





Even though the idea was there since a certain time, it took it’s final form in the middle of the COVID crisis. Companies are closing, people live in fear and uncertainty is everywhere. I’ve been told that it wasn’t the good time, but i decided otherwise. Quriosé, it’s like a ray of hope, something that we hope for, something fun when nothing around makes sense.

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