Has my order been taken into account ?

At the approval of your payment, you will be redirected to a payment confirmation page. You will then receive a confirmation email that summarizes the details of your order. If you haven't received this email, please check in your spam folder of your mail. If not, we invite you to contact our customer service by indicating the date and the amount of the order.

Is it possible to cancel my order ?

After receiving the confirmation email of your order you can't cancel it. However, it will be possible to return the items after reception for a refund. The return fees will then be to your charge.


For the items sold by sets, only the whole set can be returned for exchange or refund.

My order is damaged or non-compliant

In the case of a delivery of a damaged product during transportation or non-compliant to your order, please consult us.

The replacement fees of your product will be to our charge once sent back to us.

The item i received is defective

The return time for defective item is 30 days after the reception of your order.

The items returned for this reason are checked before any acceptation of exchange or refund.

Past this 30 days period, this reason is no longer accepted.

I didn't received the good item

If, from our mistake, you don't receive the item you ordered, we will proceed to an exchange.

The return fees will be refund by credit note and the fees of reshipping will also be to our charge.

My order hasn't arrived

If your order is sent back to Quriosé by postal services without having been delivered, we accept, for France only, to send free of charge the delivery a second time after an express agreement from your part.

This ex gratia return will be done after checking the postal address. If this one is wrong, from your mistake, you swill have to pay the additional fees to get your parcel back.

If this direct return to Quriosé is happening again, we will refund your order by deducting both sending fees.

This ex gratia return won't either happen in the case of parcels pending at the post office and unclaimed, and for which a warning email has been sent to you.

To get your parcel back, you will have to pay return and handling fees.

Parcel still in transit

If, after a long period, your parcel hasn't been delivered yet, it is still possible that the carrier has lost it.

The carrier has a 30 days delay (for France) or 60 days (International) to tell us where it is. After this deadline, we will proceed to a refund or a send back. Before this 30 days delay (France) or 60 days delay (International) we won't be able to begin any procedure of return or exchange. 

Wrong delivery address 

In case of shipping the parcel to a wrong address, from our part, Quriosé is ready to send it back without additional fees, in France or at the international. In the contrary, the fees will be to your charge.


Do you need help with your discount voucher ?

To use your discount voucher : connect to your account. The discount voucher will be asked in the cart of your order, before payment.

Is the payment secured ?

The payment is 100% secured. The transactions done on www.quriose.com are secured by the payment system (Axepta) of our partner BNP Paribas. All the informations exchanged to treat the payment are crypted thanks to SSL protocol. This datas can't be detected, nor intercepted, nor used by others. They aren't either stocked on our computing systems. When it is asked to introduce your card number, you can check, from your browser, that you are in a secured zone. This zones are identifiable by the url address that begins by https and a closed lock or a key to the bottom of your browser.

For your security, the Axepta system checks that the connection of your browser is really secured before sending your financial datas. Axepta is a provider, and doesn't takes in charge the protests linked to your orders. Those must be treated with Quriosé or with your bank. Furthermore, we have the 3D secure that allows to avoid frauds by checking the identity of the owner of the credit card. In addition to the card number, the expiration date and the three digits of the security code (printed on the back of your card), we will ask you to write a password, your birth date or a single-use dynamic code.


I paid by Credit Card and didn't received a confirmation email

If the payment by credit card has worked and you didn't received an order confirmation in the 5 minutes after your order has been passed, check that the email didn't arrived in the spam section. The banking supervision takes, sometimes, a bit longer (security procedures), which means that the order isn't immediate authorized and must be approved manually.


Every refund will be made, by default, on a credit note valid for six months. By express request from you, the amount can be refund on the payment method used for the transaction.

In the case of a refund by credit note, the amount paid for the items returned will be entirely refund. This way, you will keep all the advantages (free delivery, discounts...) that you used on your initial order.

For any other payment method (credit card, cash or Paypal) your advantages will be recalculated according to your cart after withdrawal of the returned goods.

Only the amount paid for the items is refundable, the shipping fees of your order are not refundable  because it's a service done by an outsider that must be paid, nor the Paypal fees for the same reasons, when used.

If you benefited from free shipping and that by withdrawing the returned good the amount arrives below the minimum required for free shipping, the fees will be deducted from your refund.

If you benefited from a discount applicable thanks to a minimum of products and that you wish to return one of them, the discount will be deducted from your refund.


My item has been sent as a parcel

For the items packed in box and sent as parcels, it is asked to sent it back as a parcel so that they come back in good conditions.

Approval of my return

The return will be considered effective after reception of the parcel and validation of the product by our services. Those are in charge of ensuring the good respect of the conditions previously mentioned.

Namely, a product that has never been worn, non damaged and still labelled with its original packaging.

In case of non-compliance to this conditions, the request of return or refund will be refused.

My return has been refused, i want to get my item back

The items refused can be reshipped after reception of a global amount allowing to cover reshipping ans service fees.

This global amount is 5.10 € for Metropolitan France, 10 € for CEE Europe, and will vary according to the real spending engaged for the International.

Risks linked to a return

It is possible that your parcel encounters difficulties during its expedition from you to our warehouse. The risks linked to the return of the item (including loss or damage) are to the charge of the customer, as for return fees.

The item received in return still doesn't satisfies me

Only one exchange request by order is accepted. If one or many items received in return do not satisfy you, only a refund will be possible after deduction of the sending fees and handling fees of 2€TTCC by item.

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