Our 100% Secure Payment Methods

CREDIT CARDS : The payment can be done online (recommended) thanks to the following credit cards : 


-    VISA

In order to ensure the security of payments, quriose.com uses the secured payment service from BNP PARIBAS. This service incorporates the SSL security norm. The confidential datas such as the credit card numbers and the expiration date are transmitted encrypted on the BNP PARIBAS server. This datas aren't transmitted by any means to quriose.com.  

ONLINE PAYMENT BY PAYPAL : It is a secure payment method. None of your banking informations will be transmitted to quriose.com. Only Paypal (eBay Group) is owning it. You don't need a Paypal account to use this payment method. Attention : Paypal fees won't be refund in case of return.

PAYMENT BY GOOGLE AND APPLE PAY : Secured payment methods. None of your banking informations will be transmitted to quriose.com. 

PAYMENT BY TRANSFER : A payment by bank transfer is possible. The details of use for this payment method are here, otherwise you can ask to hello@quriose.com.

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